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We are pioneering electric cruising; assisting boat owners and operators in taking that vital step towards net zero boating. The team design, distribute and install marine renewable energy, electric propulsion, power delivery and monitoring systems from a world-class supply chain.

Our aim is to forge a future where we can sustainably enjoy our time on and in the water, with minimal impact on our marine ecosystems.

“Enhance your time afloat, minimise maintenance and reduce your boat’s carbon footprint”

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From analysing your vessel’s performance, to adopting full electric propulsion, adding solar and removing LPG. Working alongside OceanVolt, Victron Energy, Fischer Panda and many more, we offer a bespoke service, with precision remote monitoring that keeps you green, powered up and safe at sea.

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The cumulative effects of all of our vessels operating on the marine environment is for the most part unknown. What we do know is that our CO2 emissions, the biocides and heavy metals leaching from our antifoul, as well as general waste that all find its way to the ocean needs to stop, now.

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