Sail Electric – a North Devon Marine Project

The ‘North Devon Marine’ initiative was formed to focus on climate change issues at a local level. We have a series of use-case studies on the water to analyse, develop and execute an accelerated roadmap to Carbon Zero for maritime.

Our Sail Electric campaign is a bespoke service. With over a decade of research and development behind us we have a world-class supply chain at our disposal. The team can advise on electric outboard and inboard propulsion, battery technology, advanced monitoring, hybridisation, renewables and removing LPG. With thousands of miles behind us on electric, we have first-hand experience so you can make an informed choice.

The Crew

Wayne Peters

With 15 years of clean energy development and deployments around the globe, as an engineer Wayne is focusing his experience on the decarbonisation of maritime. As a yachtsman and environmentalist, his aim is to raise awareness to better understand the influence we have on the ocean and its influence on us.

Wayne is the founder of the North Devon Marine Project, bringing conservation and technology together to push for a sustainable sailing future.

George Symes-Davidson

As a design engineer with years spent in the luxury motor yacht sector, this forged his passion to work towards a future in which marine industries can exist in harmony with our ecosystems.

Based in Plymouth, living aboard his electric sailboat, SV Muhuhu, George is passionate about providing solutions to make boating more sustainable in both manufacture, operation and end of life.

Tom Borsay

Tom leads design, architecture and regulation conformity for Sail Electric. As a Naval Architecture, with over 15 years in the modern and traditional boatbuilding sector, Tom brings high value design and development to the team.

With over 100,000 miles sailed, one of the founding members of Ponzi class racing, to racing 150ft Schooners and delivering custom superyachts across oceans, Tom is committed to reaching Net Zero targets and advancing vessel design.

George May

George heads up business development. With a distinguished 30+ year career in finance and investment across diverse markets and sectors, he provides his experience of strategic assessment and development to Sail Electric.

A governor member of the RNLI and member/sponsor at the Helford River Sailing Club, George is dedicated to the Net Zero maritime campaign in the Southwest.

Mark Bath

Mark brings a vast knowledge of systems integration and problem solving to the team, having worked with various multinational telecommunications organisations in solution design and architecture.

Mark worked with us to optimise his Bavaria 44 sailboat. Improving the data acquisition and networking capability of vessel systems, Mark sails out from the Solent in Portsmouth, helping to network, develop and improve the data we gather on our journey.

Nazca is our research vessel, a Contessa 34 offshore one design

Using only the renewable resources available to her with an auxiliary electric motor, she sails diesel-free demonstrating change; testing emerging green technologies whilst undertaking marine science expeditions for the North Devon Marine Project.

With home ports in Falmouth and North Devon, she is demonstrating a new era of marine power. Equipped for offshore, Nazca is self-sufficient and on a green mission for the ocean.


More on Nazca here

Muhuhu is a 1980’s Oyster Mariner 35, a demonstrator for a new era of cruising yachts

She was converted from diesel to electric propulsion over the winter of 2020. She’s a heavy blue water design with a large internal volume. Not fast, but keeps her crew safe and dry!

She’s an ideal platform for data collection, wildlife observation and exploration. Her home port is Plymouth, Devon and can be seen flying the flag for sustainable sailing all around the West Country.


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