Sail Electric – a North Devon Marine Project

The ‘North Devon Marine’ initiative was formed to focus on climate change issues at a local level. We have a series of tangible use case studies in play in the Southwest to analyse, develop and execute an accelerated roadmap to Carbon Zero maritime.

Our Sail Electric campaign is a bespoke service. With a world class supply chain at our disposal the team can advise on outboard and inboard propulsion, battery technology, advanced monitoring, and removing LPG. With thousands of miles behind us on electric, we have first hand experience so you can make an informed choice.

We are pioneering electric cruising, sailing the entire Southwest with SV Nazca and SV Muhuhu our 100% electric sailboats

Nazca is our research vessel, a Contessa 34 offshore one design

Using only the renewable resources available to her with an auxiliary electric motor, she sails diesel-free demonstrating change; testing emerging green technologies whilst undertaking marine science expeditions.

With home ports in Falmouth and North Devon, she is demonstrating a new era of marine power. Equipped for offshore, Nazca is self-sufficient and on a green mission for the ocean.


Muhuhu is a 1980’s Oyster Mariner 35 a demonstrator for a new era of cruising yachts

She was converted from diesel to electric propulsion over the winter of 2020. She’s a heavy blue water design with a large internal volume. Not fast, but keeps her crew safe and dry!

She’s an ideal platform for data collection, wildlife observation and exploration. Her home port is Plymouth, Devon and can be seen flying the flag for sustainable sailing all around the West Country.


We trust in our technology to lower the carbon footprint at sea whilst we carry out our vital marine science projects.