Our mission is simple – decarbonise the maritime sector. This has several key stages, and wherever you are in the journey, our experience and network can help.

Data is key. our design methods show theoretical performance, energy recovery and usage, modelled so you can see the system metrics before you commit. 

Monitoring and remote management

When we have the right amount of data for a project we can spot energy surpluses, energy deficits, and apply solutions to make your boat more efficient and keep you safe at sea.

Using the power of Victron Remote Monitoring, we can assist you wherever you are in the world. Our services don’t stop after the system is installed; we continue to support you and your adventure forever. When you Sail Electric, you become part of the Sail Electric family.

LPG Removal

A great way to delve into decarbonisation and optimise life onboard. No more hunting around for expensive gas cylinders, no more changing empty cylinders in the rain, naked flames and wasted heat!

By adding a lithium battery bank, and an inverter, not only can you cook on an induction hob, but also run other AC Devices onboard. One type of energy; electricity. It makes sense.

Power management

Optimise your current diesel engine by adding a high power alternator. Charge your battery bank quickly, extract more power from your diesel, improve the efficiency of your engine; it becomes a generator. Take full advantage of the benefits of lithium, faster charging and absorption times a fraction of that of lead acid. Run your engine for the minimal amount of time to achieve the same effect. Full batteries, efficient energy generation and storage. Perfect to make your time onboard as peaceful and as easy as possible, just like it’s meant to be.


Reduce your dependency on diesel by adding some solar panels or even a small wind turbine. Now you can use your lithium system and all your AC devices, taking pleasure in the fact that it’s powered by the wind and sun. Perfect for extended periods off-grid and reducing the footprint of your vessel even further. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re using energy that’s been harvested from the sun and wind and, by using VRM, you can be sure you’ll be able to match your consumption to your generation. You’ll have your entire energy system at your fingertips.

Electric propulsion

Electric is perfect for marine propulsion. Instant thrust and torque, no preheat period or warming up the engine before you can use full power. Almost zero maintenance, motor in near silence, no heat, no fumes, no vibration. You can be powered by a combination of renewables and shore power and with a highly efficient battery bank, you’ll have plenty of power to spare to run an inverter and all your AC devices.

An electric propulsion system opens up a whole world of possibilities and can be done in stages. To satisfy range, hybridisation is a key step forward to begin to decarbonise our ports and harbours, yet provide all the power and distance you need.

We supply and install systems from OceanVolt, Torqeedo, Lynch, Fischer Panda and more, all backed up by the reliability of Victron Energy power.

Range extension

When you use a specialised diesel generator to extend the range, and off-grid capability of your vessel, DC generator sets are far more efficient for propulsion. This is because the generator is designed to run at optimum rpm and load. You really do get the most out of the fuel and it’ll run for less time, using the battery bank to provide short bursts of high power when needed. It’s quieter, there’s less vibration, less maintenance and it’s modular. It can also be put almost anywhere in the boat.

Other services

We offer a complete turnkey service. From design, drawing and conceptualisation, project management and installation, through to sea trials and commissioning, we specialise in off-grid expedition sailing vessels, focused on electric propulsion and clean energy.

When you buy through us, you can take advantage of our decades of first-hand expertise, excellent after-sales support, remote monitoring and assistance wherever you are in the World. The Tech We Trust At Sea has been tested, rigorously, for thousands of sea miles. So we know what works and what doesn’t. Sail Electric is for sailors, by sailors.