Bornay BEE 800 SWT



Bornay wind turbines have been pioneers in harnessing the power of the wind, getting energy to places where there is none.

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Bee 800 swt is designed to work in parallel with solar systems. The combination of a wind turbine with a solar photovoltaic system guarantees a stable energy production in almost all weather conditions.

Bornay have been pioneers in harnessing the power of the wind since 1970.

And there is a lot you can do in four decades. They have applied our technology in 50 countries: the United States of America, Japan, Angola, Antarctica…They have developed the most reliable small-scale wind turbines in terms of performance and sturdiness. More than 6000 facilities around the world have chosen a Bornay wind turbine.

Their aim is to guaranty the quality of their facilities and bringing assurance to their customers.

1. For sturdiness

You can judge the hardiness of a Bornay just by looking at the sturdiness of the machine. This makes it more resistant and means less maintenance.

2. For Reliability

They have the backing of more than 6000 installations in more than 50 different countries.

3. For Safety

Bornay’s quality assurance is backed by its ISO 9001 certificate. Bornay was the first firm to implant this system and is currently one of the few companies with such accreditation.

The best thing would be to check it out yourself. When you need small wind turbines, choose Bornay.


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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 50 × 80 × 50 cm