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The range of Bornay small wind turbines, Wind+, goes a step further, with development of a small wind turbine to an extent unknown in this technology.

Grid tied / 12 /24 /48 battery charging / water pumping (direct)

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The range of Bornay small wind turbines, Wind+, goes a step further with the development of the small wind technology to an extent unknown in this technology.

Under an aesthetic already known, they have worked hard in an evolution towards more compatible, easier to install and better performance turbines.

Among the most notable challenges, the new Wind+ is equipped with permanent magnet neodymium alternator to a single output voltage of 220 Vac, for any application, providing maximum efficiency equipment. The second major challenge comes from the hand of the control electronics, with 2 drivers for all applications: Controller MPPT for battery charging and interface for direct connection of all types of consumption, both AC or DC, or grid connection inverters.

The new drivers introduce a new machine control system, which incorporates voltage control and rpm, ensuring perfect machine control, while substantially improving the efficiency of the wind turbine.

They have spent 8 years on the development of the new range of small wind turbines, Wind+, with the implication of three technicians and the collaboration with the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia). There have been interesting results at key points of development of small wind turbines: Up to 20% more output, lower startup speed, efficiency alternator up to 96%, compatible with all types of batteries (included Lithium), new compatibilities with direct consumption, remote monitoring…

With the Wind +, small wind turbines open a new stage, with many applications and integrations with other technologies. Some of the main characteristics of the new Wind + range of wind turbines are:


  • Previous to the installation of the wind turbine.
  • Wind speed data logger.
  • Site parameters
  • Selection of the ideal wind turbine.
  • Possible wind turbine improvements (blade diameter, power curve definition).

Maximum Efficiency

  • Power production at low wind speed up to 20% more than previous models.
  • Alternator efficiency up to 96%.

Security x 3

  • Three control systems improve the security of Wind + wind turbines:
    • Electronic controller
    • Wind + Speed Control
    • Tilting disorientation.


  • Options to integrate the wind turbine into many applications:
    • ModBus communication
    • AC / DC applications
  • Direct uses (water pumping, motors …)


  • Monitor your wind turbine through Bvisual platform.
  • Monitor your renewable energy system:
    • Wind / solar production, battery status, inverter status, consumption …
    • through VRM – Victron Energy Remote Monitoring (coming soon)

Remote control

  • Control your wind turbine remotely.
    • Change power curve parameters.
    • Reduce power peak production.
    • Firmware updates
  • Protection mode in case of natural disasters.

Wind + Speed Control

  • Intelligent speed control system over the power curve
    • Cp
    • Lambda

Suitable for rural electrification, water pumping, telecom, grid connection.

Wind + MPPT Controller

Wind + MPPT Charge controllers rectify, control and filter the energy produced by the wind turbine, and supplies energy suitable for battery charge, optimizing and generating the maximum possible energy output from the wind turbine, thanks to the Maximum Efficiency MPPT tracker.

Wind + wind turbine supplies three phases AC energy at a nominal voltage of 220 V.

Wind + MPPT Charge controller do all functionalities to rectify and extract the maximum power available from the wind, supplying DC energy at 12, 24 or 48 volts to the battery bank.

MPPT Charge Controller includes all security and control systems, with programmable configuration and control available to all kind of wind conditions.

Wind + Interface

Interface Wind + rectifies, controls and filter the energy produced by the wind turbine, and supplies energy suitable for use in different applications:

· Grid connection, interface supply direct current to a grid connection inverter. Available with ABB Wind grid connection inverters.

· Water pumping, interface supplies energy directly to the water pump, direct current to work with pumps like or alternate current at 230 V three phases to work with any kind of pump or motor.

· Telecom, this interface delivers direct current to supply directly to the telecom rectifiers or alternate current to the telecom inverters, depending of the telecom electronics manufacturer.

ModBus Communication, allows us a bi-directional communications between the different components of the system: for energy management, monitoring, parameters change …

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Wind 13+, Wind 25.2+, Wind 25.3+