SUNBEAMsystem – TOUGH++ Solar Panels


State of the art

With the Tough++ 120W Flush, SUNBEAMsystem brings the best and most efficient solar panel available. The newest Sunpower™ Maxeon cells, with an incredible efficiency of 24.8%, are literally twice as efficient as the standard glass solar panels you normally see on houses. On average they produce more than twice as much energy on a daily basis than standard glass panels since they also work in low light intensity.

With this state-of-the-art solar panel you get the best and newest solar technology that’s currently available. If you really want to get the most out of the available space: look no further. And on top of that the design is fully resilient against the most demanding situations.

  • 20% more power
  • Very Flat Flush 2.0 Cable
  • Easy installation 3M VHD
  • UV-Proof Anti-Slip Surface
  • 5-year warranty

Besides the highest production, the Tough++ 120W Flush will also offer you all the advantages of the extremely durable SUNBEAMsystem antislip Tough surface, and allow for an installation without visible wiring due to the newest SUNBEAMsystem flat Flush power cable (attached to the back of the panel).

The Tough++ series is shipped without stainless steel eyes and includes a separately packed double sided 3M sticker sheet for easy mounting. If you prefer a curing glue we recommend white Sikaflex 291. For a perfect result no matter what choice of attachment we recommend running a thin line of kit along the 3mm edges of the panels


Additional information

Weight 100 kg