SUNBEAMsystem – TOUGH Solar Panels


Long life and high efficiency

UPDATED 2019 with Higher Efficiency and Flush 2.0

Since its introduction, the SUNBEAMsystem Tough series has been the absolute winner in multiple real life tests. Due to the wide range of different models the Tough series is a universal solution for a multitude of markets. The Tough surface is the preferred choice for not only yachts but also for the industrial off-grid purposes. All Tough models are fitted with Sunpower™ Maxeon cells with an efficiency of 22.5% or higher.

The surface of the Tough series is extremely durable and resistant to strong and long UV exposure. It transmits more light than standard materials, which contributes to a higher daily production. The ribbed profile do not only provide anti slip properties, but also catches more light in low sun angles. In addition, all Tough models from 54W and up are equipped with SUNBEAMsystems innovative Shadow Optimized technology. Due to this technology the panels will perform better when partially shaded.

The Flush models with a flat power cable (without a Junction Box) are by far the best choice for professional installations. Not only does it provide a completely smooth surface on a only 3mm thin panel, but also a degree of waterproofness that cannot be achieved with a junction box.

5 years workmanship warranty is standard on all Tough surface models.

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Weight 100 kg